What is the best fake tan remover?


Picture the scene; It's Wednesday night – you have a big night out planned on Friday. You run through the usual mid week checklist:

  • New shoes... bought.
  • New dress... on its way.
  • Bouncy blow dry... booked.
  • Nail appointment/counselling session... organised.
  • Fake tan application... planned for Tanning-Thursday tomorrow.

Looks like you’ve got things covered right? WRONG! Last week's tan has left parts of your body resembling a lizard! FAIL.

Bronzie exfoliating tan removal mitt
So, what do you do? Apply on top and hope for the best? It will be ok right? NOPE!

We are here to tell you that it absolutely will not! That new dress is not going to look as special with lower legs that look like two tiger loaves and even the nicest of shoes can be ruined by a weirdly orange ankle!

Applying on top of old tan may look ok as you apply, but the next morning it will have simply made your skin even drier and the ‘cracked’ effect will show through.

It will look more obvious than it did and you’ll be reaching for the emergency ‘out-out’ trousers and long sleeved top again. Not good!

So, what is the best fake tan remover I hear you ask? Not a fancy cream or mousse that promises you fantastic results.

The simple answer is exfoliation.

We recommend soaking in a warm bath prior to beginning exfoliation, as the more hydrated your skin, the easier it will be to remove old tan and dead skin cells (it sounds gross, but its true!).

Once you’ve had a lovely, long, relaxing bath (possibly with wine, maybe a candle or two), you need your Bronzie Back and Body Exfoliation Mitt for ultimate tan removal.

Here’s why it's so special;

  • Dual hand functionality (you can use both hands at once)
  • It’s infused with charcoal, which helps draw out impurities and close pores (it’s got black stuff in it that sorts your skin out!)
  • It has a middle section that allows you to reach EVERY part of your body without assistance (No need to ask the other half for help - we all know their ‘assistance’ is sometimes unwelcome!)

We suggest standing in the shower to exfoliate, then all the residue is rinsed off and straight down the drain. When you’re all clean, hop out and pat that smooth skin dry. Bingo, job done!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how The Ultimate Back and Body Exfoliating Mitt has been moonlighting as a fake tan remover! Your skin is now ready for a flawless application – not a lizard or loaf in sight. Be sure to add exfoliation-Wednesday to your checklist and kiss goodbye to the scales.

Fake tan remover? We got you.


Bronzie Tanning Mitt / Exfoliating Mitt


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