'Chelsea' Bronzie Jumpsuits

Our luxury jumpsuit range consists of two world-leading after-tan garments, designed to be worn after applying fake tan.

The specially designed fabric glides over freshly tanned skin to ensure reduced tan lines… 

The breathable underarm area, velour-lined hood, adjustable drawstring waist, and stylish fit make the jumpsuit the ultimate after tanning accessory.

Available in S/M (Size 8-12), M/L (Size 14-18) and Curve (Size 20-24) - we've got you covered!


  • Our tanning jumpsuits are made from luxuriously lightweight material that glides over the skin post-tanning.
  • The jumpsuit fit compliments any body shape and height
  • Prevents tan lines thanks to its non-restrictive wrist/ankle cuffs and drawstring waist-line.
  • Our jumpsuits have been rigorously tested to ensure their quality and long-term durability.
  • Pop them in the wash, they're designed not to fade or lose shape.
  • The velour hood lining adds additional comfort and enhances a luxury experience.
  • They're stylish enough to wear out after self-tanning or salon tanning… yet comfortable enough for sleeping in.
  • They'll ensure that you have no more stained clothes or ruined bedsheets!