Meet Bronzie

Leanne is the founder of Bronzie and came up with the original after-tan jumpsuit idea.

Leanne is one of three girls all of whom grew up loving their fake tans. Cue hair pulling, shouting and reporting to Mum and Dad who’s pinched whose tanning mitt and who used the last of who’s expensive bottle of tan!

You’ve got to feel for the one male in the household, Leanne’s Dad. Not only is he trying to referee a mass brawl, but his baggy t-shirts are being borrowed and stained by all three girls to wear after they’ve applied their tan! He’s also getting told constantly by Leanne’s Mum that all three girls need new bedding from the tan staining their bedsheets on a night.

Leanne is absolutely an idea’s person. They pop out of her like nobody’s business. These little ‘problems’ around the home had already sewn the seed for the best idea yet.

As a young adult Leanne became a qualified beauty therapist and eventually owned her own salon. She later went into teaching others and the ideas really started coming thick and fast. Leanne noticed that clients would arrive to appointments in skinny jeans which would leave an imprint on the legs making it difficult to achieve the flawless tan she wanted to give. The only way to make sure she had the perfect canvas was to wait endlessly whilst the imprint faded a little. Other customers were arriving in pyjamas, sprinting into the salon from the car trying to avoid being seen.

Through her own experiences and as a salon owner, Leanne also knew what putting on tight fitting clothes immediately after a tan would do... smudge, ruin and stain.

From these issues the idea of a fake tanning jumpsuit to be worn to and from a spray tan appointment was born. All the difficulties in tanning were considered and a jumpsuit designed to help both tanning client and the therapist.

It took 6 months to source the perfect material that would sit perfectly on top of the skin, not rubbing at the applied tan.

Tanning Jumpsuit


The Bronzie after tan jumpsuit was designed to open in a way that would have minimal contact with the skin by a wide opening allowing you to easily step into the garment.

Without a Bronzie it takes 10 minutes to tan a client and 15 minutes for the client to dry off and get changed. With a Bronzie the client is tanned and can step straight into the jumpsuit and be on their way. Life seems easier for both the therapist and the client already!

Leanne wanted to create an after tan jumpsuit that could be worn all day not just to and from the salon. She created a jumpsuit that is stylish and comfortable as well as functioning. The sizing was developed in such a unique way that it should fit all heights, sizes and the final design is a result of at least 5 or 6 massive changes to the first product idea.

And so, the birth of Bronzie… and the start of Leanne’s tanning accessories empire! The ideas are still coming thick and fast. Anyone who knows Leanne knows that any conversation starts with ‘I’ve been thinking’ and then a barrage of ideas follows.

Still an avid tanner, Leanne applies self-tan twice a week. She loves the confidence it gives her and she feels better with herself bronzed. Even in summer and during holidays Leanne applies tan as her fair colouring means she doesn’t really change colour much naturally and she is an avid safe tanning promoter.

In January 2021, Leanne launched Bronzie's first ever range of fake tans, including the Ultimate Gradual TanUltimate Tanning Mousse and Ultimate Tanning Oil, each with a unique scent.

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