How tanning brand Bronzie came about

The Bronzie jumpsuit is an iconic product that kick started this lovely little business, and led to the invention of many more innovative products.
Many people wonder how on earth we came up with the idea for the Bronzie jumpsuit, and it’s probably not all together how you think.

Not many people know this fact but we’re into sharing... we’re good like that. Leanne started Bronzie in 2014. She had become a beauty expert in her own right, owning her own salon, teaching and providing beauty treatments in Liverpool.

One evening, after a spray tan, she drove home only to be pulled over by the police for a routine stop. We’d like to add, she’s no master criminal, just in case there was any worry.

Leanne, like many of us, didn’t know what to wear after a spray tan. Anything tight would smudge the tan and leave marks, anything decent would get ruined by tan transfer. So, she slipped into some old pyjamas. All good and well if you’re just dashing to the car, driving home, and then dashing into the house. Not so good if you’re stopped on a busy street and then made to stand there in ill fitting old, holey, ripped, tan stained pyjamas. Okay, knowing Leanne, there won’t have been holes and rips, but it adds to the dramatic effect.

Leanne went home and decided there must be a better way. Many times her clients have arrived in tight fitting jeans and then had to wait around in the salon for a long time waiting to get dressed, but still knowing, the likelihood is, that tan is getting ruined by those skinny jeans.

She designed the Bronzie after tan Jumpsuit, then researched and tested materials that would allow the tan to breath whilst not reacting/rubbing off the tan. She created loose fitting elasticated cuffs and ankles to avoid any marks to the tan, and inserted aeriated arm pits to allow the tan to breath. The jumpsuit has an asymmetric zip neckline for modesty, but also to allow you to open it up and step in, rather than drag the clothing over the skin.

Lastly, Leanne made sure the jumpsuit looked good, to avoid the same embarrassment she had to face in pyjama gate. The jumpsuit is sleek, stylish and super comfortable, lending itself to loungewear and sleepwear to protect your bedding. It’s also smart enough to wear in daily life, so a spray or self tan application doesn’t mean hot footing it home to wait until you can shower.

The rest is history. Leanne went on to tackle other areas of tanning that proved a problem to people: back tanning, tan drying, face tanning, contouring.... and so on and so forth. 

Bronzie is constantly evolving and committed to bringing you the best of tanning accessories and solutions. Keep an eye out for new products...

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