Faux freckles are here

Posted: August 17, 2018

Ever since Harry and Meghan's wedding, freckles have been the number one beauty craze – and 3 months on, it's showing no sign of slowing down.

In fact, Meghan Markle's naturally gorgeous pigmentation has gone on to inspire a surge of freckle tattoos.

But on the off-chance you aren't blessed with natural freckles like our new Duchess, there's no need to check-in with your local tattoo parlour.

Bronzie's Tan Your Own Freckles Stencil has the answer...

Just remove your stencil from its packaging, and position over your face and nose. Then, dab your favourite fake tan over the top using Bronzie's Ultimate Mini Tanning Mitts.

This fool-proof method will last as long as your tan – but if you wish to remove it sooner, use the Bronzie Mini Exfoliating Mitt to cleanse the skin.

Get your own freckle stencil for just £4.95, or the freckle stencil and mini tanning and exfoliating mitt set for £13.95.

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