6 at home beauty tips

So we're all missing our beauty therapists almost as much as our family by now, right?

Never in our lives have our nails and hair grown so fast, our eyebrows been so wild, and our skin so pale.

But wait.. this is for our own good. We have to stay in, so let’s try and make the best of it.

Here’s what we think is pretty good advice...

1. Basically, leave your hair alone, it's good to give it a rest and please do not be tempted to dye it yourself (or worse still cut yourself a fringe), maybe some deep conditioning treatments to really nourish it. Don’t have any in the house? Coconut oil and avocado works a treat.

2. Nails can be filed and painted with ease, change the colour as often as you like and give them a well deserved break. Use Olive Oil to massage into the cuticles and you can use warm lemon juice mixed with olive oil, or simply orange juice to soak the nails for 10 minutes, wash and pat dry to encourage healthy nail growth.

3. Have periodic breaks from make up (on the days you don’t have any work related video calls) and concentrate on skin care. Make home made face masks with honey and avocado, leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water, for a much needed moisture boost. A tablespoon of brown sugar and the same of olive oil makes for the perfect homemade lip scrub. Massage gently into clean lips, then wash off and pat dry.

4. The Bronzie Ultimate Mini Mitts include a charcoal infused exfoliator for the face, which draws out impurities, gives you a deep cleanse, and rids you of dead skin cells, making the perfect base for makeup or tan.

5. Instead of makeup, consider self tan. It’ll give you that healthy glow that make up does, giving you the confidence to stay foundation free. We even have the perfect tools to help you tan your facial contour or super cute summer freckles. All minimum effort with a maximum ‘healthy summer skin’ effect, even though the prospect of a summer holiday feels way out of reach right now!

6. Bronzie’s luxury tanning accessories lend themselves perfectly to home 'salon quality' treatments. Our back and body exfoliation mitt is charcoal infused, our back and body tanning mitt velvety soft, our tan drying powder silky smooth with a citrus scent and our Bronzie after tanning jumpsuit the perfect outfit to pop on afterwards for the ultimate in home comfort and loungewear.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel better with a tan, especially if make up has gone out of the window, a tan can brighten any complexion (not to mention mood). Not only this, setting aside some time to treat yourself to some home pampering will work wonders for the soul. We often forget to show ourselves the love and attention that we encourage others to do.

This is both a difficult and a unique situation we find ourselves in so lets focus on what else we can do alongside our beauty routines..

We can get a little exercise and fresh air and appreciate spring, we can look after our health by thinking about what we are eating and most importantly we can look after our minds. Lets slow down along with the rest of the world, take some much needed time out to reflect, regroup and refocus. It’s fair to say that we will all come out of this just a little bit different which is something we should embrace.

Let’s be kind to each other as when all is said and done that’s all that really matters and is what will get us through this.

And finally, for the love of god don't over pluck those brows. Just look at all the kids of the 80's and 90's... those things do not come back!

We got you.

Stay safe.

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