Fake Tan Explained

Bronzie - Fake Tan Products Explained

Understanding fake tanning products, and which one is right for you.

Bronzie is a luxury brand, so please be assured that every single one of our tanning products without exception is manufactured to the highest and safest standard. We at Bronzie wouldn’t accept anything less and wouldn’t expect you to either.

Our fake tanning products, will not only deepen your natural skin tone, but in addition, will benefit your overall skin health, through the range of added skin enhancing ingredients that will ensure that each application will feel like a luxurious and uplifting treat.

We have gone back to ‘old school’ tanning days where you can actually see exactly where you've applied the fake tan. Our guide colour shows a deeper colour than the actual finished application, this is particularly true of the tanning oil. This just ensures a more even, streak free tan with no patches. Fool proof. Don’t be alarmed by the initial application as (up to 70% of the guide colour )will rinse off when you shower.

We at Bronzie believe that fake tanning has entered an era where people are just accepting of the ‘orange tones’ often evident through faking it, but we wanted to challenge this.

Any tan on your skin should look genuine and skin should have a beautiful, soft and natural glow. That is why we at Bronzie can guarantee that your tan will not have a fake looking orange undertone that is common in many of today’s products. DHA is the ingredient in tan that colours your skin and contrary to what people believe it doesn’t mean the more DHA in tan the darker you will go. It tends to mean it will have a deeper orange hue. This is why our tan is packed full of bronzers to counteract the orange tones leaving your skin with a very rich and natural colour. Bronzie’s range of fake tan products work with every skin tone.

Someone with very fair skin, however, will never achieve the same colour with the same tan as someone with a darker more olive skin tone and nor should it as it is a natural, sun kissed look we want to achieve and it isn’t scientifically possible. We are all different which is to be celebrated. Nevertheless, we can assure you that whatever your skin tone, our tans will leave you with a gorgeous glow.

If you do want to be dark, that's great, just leave it on, or layer it up. You will still achieve a natural and beautiful colour that will fade naturally just like a real tan.

So which one is for you?

Fake tanning oil

Fake tan oil has a very dark guide colour, but as mentioned previously don’t be put off by this as it isn’t the end result. It is extremely nourishing for the skin and is recommended for people with drier skin, meaning your glow will benefit from super hydrated skin.

It is fast drying so dressing straight after an application is possible. There is very minimal if any transfer to clothing or bedding. But we would always recommend wearing our Bronzie jumpsuit for the ultimate protection.

Fake tanning mousse

Mousse perhaps the most common form of fake tanning product and so if this is what you feel comfortable with it’s the tan for you.

Easy to apply, lighter guide colour than our oil. It takes slightly longer to dry but use out tan perfecting powder to dry immediately if desired. Leaves a beautiful long lasting olive glow. Wear our Bronzie jumpsuit for the ultimate protection.

Gradual fake tan (moisturiser)

If you want a buildable and subtle sun kissed glow, gradual fake tan is the one for you. Extremely nourishing for skin and best described as a luxury moisturiser that leaves a light, beautiful colour. Use it as frequently as you want to achieve your desired colour or on top of the mousse or oil to top up your tan once fading begins.

Watch the video below to learn more about the ingredients added and the many benefits they will have on your skin.

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