Bronzie Fake Tanning & Accessories - The Reviews

Since 2014, we've been providing market-leading and innovative fake tanning accessories globally. We're changed the way people tan, making tanning easier and more accessible for all.

In 2020, we introduced our very first tan range, completing our full fake tanning process offering.

We've sold thousands of fake tan items to thousands of customers. Here's what they had to say...

Fake Tanning Oil

Where has this been all my life! Only thing I’m upset about is it’s taken me this long to discover this oil!

Im so grateful this was recommended to me as I'd given up on fake tan as i was so sick of it being orange and patchy. This isn't either of those things! LOVE it.

As a dance mum I am well versed in everything faux tan. We have had some pretty hair raising tan results and I should really be put off for life! Bronzie Tan Oil is tantastic! Do not be afraid by the application colour. It simply shows you exactly where you have applied. I usually apply and then go to bed in my Bronzie Onesie. When showered off in the morning I am left with a gorgeous brown (NOT orange) tan. Absolutely no gross smell and no messy hands as this product does not ‘grab’ onto my wrists or ankles. It honestly is a game changer! My next purchase will be the back mitt. It’s a 10 from me!

Fake Tanning Mousse

I’ve been tanning for over 20 years and the is THE BEST TAN I’ve ever used, the first reason is the smell- Devine!! Honestly I didn’t think I’d ever find a tan that didn’t leave that lingering biscuity smell...well this one doesn’t!! I’d buy this all day long for that reason alone!! On top of that the product is gorgeous, the colour is real...not orange!! I’m very pale skinned and always worry the colour will look odd but this tan makes me looks like I’ve just stepped off a plane! It’s easy to apply, guide colour is good & using the mitt makes it mess free. My husband even did my back so it must be easy to apply! I used this on my face too and the results are lovely, such a natural sun kissed colour. You can tell this product is high end, not only does it compete with the big brands out there but this is even better!!

I used the mousse last night and slept in it so it’s been on for around 7-8 hours. It’s the best tan I’ve ever used!! I don’t tan naturally so like to use self tanning products but struggle to find one that doesn’t look orange or fake....this is honestly the best one I’ve ever used. No orange tones and it looks so natural. I’ve got the gradual tan too so I’ll be using that to keep this one topped up. Such amazing products thanks so much ❤️🥰

Gradual Fake Tan

I use this everyday now as a moisturiser as it goes on so lovely and is non sticky like other gradual tans can be. It's a very subtle colour (not as dark as the Dove gradual) but I don't like being dark so its perfect for me.

I ordered this tan to try because of the gradual build you can achieve , in winter I don’t like to be as dark as summer , but wanted to take the pale edge off! Absolutely perfect!! Exfoliated with the Bronzie mitt and then applied two days consecutive and it was the perfect colour , I looked like I’d just had a few days away in the sun . And the richness of the cream and smell was so nice . It’s suited my dry skin on my legs and blended in perfectly around my feet and hands.

Chelsea Bronzie Fake Tan Jumpsuit

Bought this to sleep in so my tan didn't transfer to my bedding but I never have it off! its beyond comfortable (and stylish too) - Love it, even pop out in it.

I love love love this item!! So beautiful! The details are beautiful and the fabric so soft! I live in Canada and it’s my second jumpsuit from this company and I’m over the moon with these 2 products.

Back & Body Fake Tanning Mitt

I cant believe I have only just discovered this product. Ive been struggling to tan my back for years until my sister bought me this! well done Bronzie, I tell everyone!

How have I only just discovered this?!!! My sister bought me it for Xmas and can’t believe I’ve got this far without it in my life! its sooooo soft, love the double mitt too, so much easier doing my legs as well as my back.

I no longer have to ask my poor boyfriend to tan my back, its so easy to use and feels amazing!!

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