Be kind, girls.

Shouldn’t need pointing out but sadly, we’re living in a world where apparently its not obvious.

The untimely loss of a beautiful young soul is always sad, but to hear that its partly down to the unkindness of others is just devastating.

Sadly, we have all fallen victim to some unkind words before. Often the people in our videos, posts, pictures are lovely people who have put themselves out to help a small business and are often subjected to unjust criticism and unkind words in the comments of public posts.

Some people seem to think that online comments about someone they don’t know are somehow less painful, less meaningful. In fact, judgemental comments are hurtful, painful and have a long lasting effect. And don’t for a minute think people won’t see them. They do, and its awful.

We were often told as children, if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing. Some people need reminding of this staple rule. If you don’t appreciate a product, don’t buy it. If you don’t like a picture or a video, don’t look at it. Spread kindness not hate.

We girls at Bronzie love when someone interacts with us on social media. We’re lucky enough to have some beautiful souls as followers and can honestly say some have become friends and that’s usually come from sending each other positivity even just heart emoji, a note to say how lovely they look, a get well soon or a congratulations on surviving Monday.

We often get comments and messages about tanning tips and we love to share them. Anything that can help someone with self care and self confidence, we’re all for it.

Here are our top, most frequently asked for tips...

1. Prepare. Often people ask why the tan shows darker in some patches of the face or body. We find that gentle exfoliation the day before tanning rids you of any dry cells or uneven patches of skin.The back and body exfoliation mitt takes care of the body and the mini mitts are gentle enough for the face.

2. Moisturise. Although its recommended to wash off all products before tanning to avoid the tan sticking, you do need to keep the skin hydrated by regular moisturisation and drinking water. Areas like the knees, elbows and ankles get very dry so extra attention there.

3. If you need to shave, do it at least 24 hours before. Shaving just before tanning will leave you with little unsightly brown specks!

4.Avoid orange hands by using a lined mitt... like ours.. to protect the hands. When it comes to tanning the back of the hands, use left over tan already on the mitt, and blend into the arms well. Claw the hands and gently swipe the mitt over each finger.

We got your back.

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