Tan Perfecting Powder Is Here...

Love tanning but hate the sticky ‘waiting to dry’ phase?  Need to tan in a hurry? Well, we totally got you covered... Introducing the Bronzie Tan Perfecting Powder & Powder Pop.

Available to buy now, the Powder Pop is the go-to accessory for anybody serious about perfecting their tan...

Talc-free and designed to protect your tan, the Bronzie Powder Pop is perfect for use with the Bronzie finishing powder, to ensure your tan remains flawless and streak-free. 

The Bronzie Powder Pop makes it super easy to dry your freshly applied tan. Benefits of the Powder Pop:

  • Super-soft material which is gentle on all types of skin.
  • Easily reaches all parts of your body.
  • Large surface area which makes powder application faster.

What are you waiting for? Get your tan perfecting powder here...

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