Summer to Autumn

Summers over. Winters coming.

That’s all I’m hearing at the minute… has everyone forgotten about Autumn?

Yes, it’s a little colder now, the barbecue and garden furniture are being packed away and its dark by 8pm.

Yes, the sun is struggling to poke through the grey dismal clouds.

And yes, everything everywhere is pumpkin spiced. But don’t dig out the winter coats and boots just yet! This is not Arendelle and we are not Anna and Elsa, it’s not going to go from hot to deep snow overnight (fingers crossed)!

Lets all go into Autumn gracefully. After all who is honestly ready for the summer to be completely over?

We don’t need to pack away all the summer clothes, we can instead add layers. Add jeans and a blazer to that cute lacy cami-top. Add a super fine knit to the cropped trousers you’re not ready to give up yet. Keep the maxi’s going with a long-sleeved top underneath and add oversized jackets with rolled up sleeves to graphic t-shirts.

Flips flops might need to go but cute ankle boots can come out (yay).

The changes in temperature can make your skin prone to becoming dry and flaky and turns that once glowing summer skin, dull and dehydrated. The best way to treat this is to exfoliate and rehydrate. For easy exfoliation we’d recommend our back and body exfoliation mitt. Quick and easy to use in the shower, charcoal infused, it boosts cell renewal and rids your body of flaky dead skin cells. The skin is left flawless and smooth. Our mini mitts include a mini exfoliator for the face in a softer material for the delicate facial skin.

If, like us, you’re not quite ready to give up the bright colours, keep them going with pastels. Feel better in them by extending the summer tan but safely. Whether it’s gradual, instant, light medium or dark, the back and body tanning mitt make’s faking it easy and fast.

One last tip to extend the summer look? Freckles. A smattering of freckles across the nose and cheeks give’s the ‘just back from a holiday’ appearance. The Bronzie freckle stencil can be used with self-tan or makeup to achieve just that.

So please, let’s leave the Ugg boots and wellies in the cupboard and the selection boxes at bay just yet, and enjoy what’s left of the albeit cooler sun. Winter lasts long enough as it is, does it not?!

We got you.

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