Menopause. It’s just a word but it’s loaded with so many feelings and emotions for so many of us.

It happens to us all (well, 50% of us anyway!) which to be honest feels pretty unfair but c’est la vie! It can seem like some women just breeze through it with barely a symptom, using all natural remedies and come out the other side looking effortlessly fabulous, whilst the rest of us wake up most nights like someone’s dunked us in a pond, have constant brain fuzz and unwanted hair sprouting up left right and centre in random places!

In my experience, It’s never really something that’s been spoken about, our mums, aunties etc must have been through it but were we aware of it? I know I wasn’t.

It seems like it was always something to keep quiet, but why? It’s so refreshing that we are now starting to see the menopause talked about and shared amongst women. Amazing! Sharing our experiences means we aren’t alone. It isn’t something to be ashamed about or hidden away, it doesn’t signify the ‘end of our youth’ it’s simply a new and exciting chapter in our lives that should be celebrated!

Women used to be made to feel they were ‘past it’ once menopause arrived but this is simply not true, we are in our prime!

There are 48 recognised symptoms. That’s a lot. There are different stages of menopause and so symptoms can differ. We aren’t medical experts but if you’re experiencing things that are worrying you then it's very possible it can be attributed to changing hormones. The spectrum is so wide….Dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, brain fog, reduced sex drive, changes in skin texture, the list goes on…

So if you are entering the next chapter of your life, YOU ARE FABULOUS! You don’t need to leave anything behind. Yes you can tan, yes you can wear a mini skirt, yes you can change your career. The world is your oyster.

Our research has shown us time and time again that women of this demographic feel like they can’t tan as it’s ‘not for them or they are ‘to old’.
SO WRONG! Our fake tans are so natural and so easy to apply we want to help you feel amazing whatever your age. They are also packed with skin enhancing ingredients and help nourish dry skin (another potential symptom 🙄). A fake tan always gives you a boost. Fact.

Hot flush central? Want to hurt your husband? We got you 😜
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