Bronzie partners with Gen M


GEN M is for you if you’re approaching, in, or on the other side of the menopause. If you’re a partner, a friend, a colleague or a family member of someone going through it.
Their team began this journey from the same starting point you did – the search bar. They’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to, spending the countless hours you simply don’t have to comb through the good, the bad and the ugly. The result? The best of the menopause in one place.
We were beyond excited when we were introduced to Gen M as our values and beliefs aligned so perfectly, almost spookily so..
As we’ve spoken about before, our research (which we have done a lot of as we believe you should always be able to back up anything you talk about) comes back time and time again saying there is a demographic of women out there who want to tan but feel they are too old or wouldn’t be able to master it or would look silly.
These are popular opinions from women of a menopausal age who have through no fault of their own lost their way a little. The beauty industry constantly blasts them with imagery of young, seemingly perfect models, leading them to believe the products aren’t right for them and they don’t know where to turn next.
We want ALL women to be able to feel and look beautiful no matter what their age is. Our tans were developed with these women in mind. They are extremely natural looking, easy to apply and packed with skin enhancing ingredients that contribute to beautiful skin as well as colour. `no one would ever know it wasn’t real, which is what these women want.
Gen M’s resources hub is packed with GEN M-approved services, products, information and the champions already out there. They promise to only ever share finds from brands actively supporting women in menopause and perimenopause.
This is just the start. Their aim to make the whole menopause experience a more positive one, and to work with retailers, manufacturers and organisations to improve attitudes and find better solutions.
Why? Because it’s about time our generation – Generation Menopause – take up the space we deserve.
We could not be prouder to stand alongside them and other brands to help spread this incredibly important message for all women to hear.
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