Why buying quality fake tanning products is better to the environment

‘Fast fashion’ or ‘throwaway fashion’ has been at the forefront of retail for several years now as the turnover is so high. It has sparked outrage across the globe because of the increasing pressure it is putting on landfill, not to mention ethically sourced labour.  However this slowly starting to change as discerning people are making more informed choices about what they buy.

If you are to become that discerning buyer  there can be enormous value in just pausing, taking a breath and moving a small step back before you find yourself catapulted to the checkout.

The attraction of the ‘last chance’ sale, or being drawn in to a ‘70% off’ offer is an alluring feeling that we can all struggle to resist from time to time (me included). Frustratingly, the pang of regret felt when the item fails us is a more lingering emotion.

Instead, before making a decision on an item you’re about to purchase, consider doing a little research to see what’s on the market in terms of alternatives. Products that really stand out to me are those which are built to last and will deliver what they promise.

Buy quality fake tanning products less often

Let’s look at some reasons why you should buy slightly higher priced items that are built to last because having a product that lasts years definitely has its merits. 

When deciding on your next purchase, it may be tempting to go with the item that has a cheaper price tag. It’s an enticing route I can’t deny, but one thing that can almost be guaranteed is that – you’ll end up re-purchasing the product again, and again (and then maybe…again).  Over time, you’re going in circles and spending more and more money for a product that will disappoint and let you down.

If you’re able and willing to make the upfront investment, buying a product with longevity will perversely help save money in the long run. 

When you can buy a durable product, you’re also helping the environment in the long term. Longer lasting products mean less waste, mean our landfills aren’t as full, meaning less pollution, and meaning the environment is healthier.

Example: Fake tanning mitts

Let’s take fake tanning mitts. They cost on average £2 - £8. Sounds like a good deal right?  Especially when you compare it to our back and body tanning mitt at £17.95. Wrong. Let me explain using the principles above why it’s so much more cost effective to buy the more expensive mitt at Bronzie.

Ours is:

  • lined to protect your hands – no seeping through
  • has 2 mitts – you can do your whole body (more quickly) with no help
  • super soft luxury material so tan glides on smoothly and evenly
  • machine washable and comes up like new again and again.

We’ve all used cheap tanning mitts as they are often considered an afterthought and just grabbed at the checkout. However be a savvy shopper considering he environment as well as your pocket and make buying a tanning mitt an integral part of your tanning purchasing routine. You always need the best tools to do the best job. Cheap mitts split, leak, are scratchy and need to be discarded after only a few uses.

We have often been told by retailers ‘your mitt is too expensive’. We disagree, it isn’t. We stand by its quality evidenced by the fact that it sells again and again and again. Customers don’t have to repurchase for 2/3 years, so for anyone who thinks ‘wow, what a rip off’ we actually make far LESS money selling this mitt at this price due to it lasting so long!

This is true of our whole range – they are superior to every other alternative range  on the market – we know they are. Other brands have unfortunately been ripped off and sold at cheaper price points many times but we stand strong. We will never compromise on our pledge to bring you the very best. So please be rest assured that when you pay that little bit extra you are actually getting that little bit extra. 

We know we have a little way to go in terms of making things a little more eco friendly around here and it’s something we work on everyday, but like everything else we do, we’ll do it right. 

Buy cheap, buy twice

But for now, as my Mum used to say ( me too now, don’t tell her) – ‘buy cheap, buy twice.’

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