What is the best fake tan for pale skin?

We understand and appreciate the struggle. You naturally have pale skin, and you want to tan in a completely natural and realistic way. The last thing you want is to go from your natural pale tone to a completely dark skin tone. 

What you do want though is to achieve a skin tone that looks believable.

How do you do that?

Let us introduce you to the gradual fake tan, which does what it says on the bottle. It will help you to gradually top up your existing tone in a way that can be minimal. Simply apply it as you would a traditional moisturiser. Leave it on overnight and then rinse off in the shower to unveil a completely natural-looking glow. Then, if you want to go darker, simply repeat the process as many times as required. But the reality is, once or twice is probably going to be enough for you. 

To ensure that you achieve an even, non-patchy tan, we always recommend shaving and exfoliating before you apply the first layer. And that you apply your fake tan with a properly designed fake tanning mitt. If you're tanning your full body, then you'll probably want to go for a back & body fake tanning mitt - it'll help you halve your tanning time, without the need to ask for help.

A fake tan for all skin tones - including those with pale skin

Why not try the Bronzie gradual fake tan? Complete with incredible scent, you're guaranteed to achieve a natural-looking tone that suits.

Natural Fake Tan for all Skin Tones
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