Overcoming the barriers to fake tanning

With the campaign against sun beds heating up (see what we did there?) over the last few years, there's no surprise that people are turning to fake tan application as an alternative solution. And with the quality of fake tans being developed increasing each year, making the move from sun bed to fake tan has never been easier.

We're proud to be leading the way when it comes to making tanning accessible. We recently surveyed 250 women about their tanning experiences, and the results spoke volumes. 

  • The use of younger models is off-putting to older generations, who feel that they are overlooked by tanning brands
  • Most women look for a tan that will help them achieve a natural glow
  • Past bad experiences are likely to prevent women from tanning again

Tanning is and should be for everybody, irrespective of gender or age. As such, we must cater to all audiences. That includes marketing to all audiences, talking in ways that connect and being real about what goes into tans. For example, did you know that Vegan fake tans are commonplace? 

Historic issues with fake tans and fake tanning

Years ago, fake tan brands were few and far between, which meant that innovation stalled and consumers had to settle for imperfect tans. But what were some of the common issues?

  • Tans left consumers orange in colour, providing an unnatural skin tone
  • Post applying tan, consumers were left with a biscuity smell that lasted some time
  • Applying tan became difficult, with only single mitts available on the market. Thank god that we created the Back & Body Fake Tanning Mitt...
  • It got everywhere. On the carpet, on the bed sheets, all over your palms. There's no reason this should happen anymore!

Thanks to the advance in technology, the discovery of new ingredients and the desire of the industry to offer a better product, fake tans nowadays are more friendly; you can achieve a natural-looking sun-kissed tan, that resembles a day or a week on the beach (however dark or light you'd like), the application process is easy enough for a lone person to complete on their own, and the scents that fake tans bring is one you want to show off, rather than mask in perfume.

If you're haunted by a fake tanning mis-hap, we ask one thing: give it another go. 

At Bronzie, we offer three different fake tans, each offering a different level of darkness, so start slow and build up your confidence levels. We guarantee those compliments will roll in!

For a darker colour, try a fake tanning mousse or fake tanning oil. For a lighter tan, start with a gradual fake tanning moisturiser, which builds up over time. Simply apply another layer for a slightly darker colour.

Don't worry about how dark any fake tan looks when you first apply it, it will wash off! The longer you leave it on, the longer the tan will be when you've showered.

If you've got a question, feel free to reach out 👌 

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