How to clean a tanning mitt

There is nothing worse than a dirty tanning mitt and in a more sustainable world, being able to clean your tanning mitt is key.

Before we get into it, think about the tanning mitt you own; is it cheap and cheerful or did you invest in a fake tanning mitt that is of a much higher quality?

If your mitt is cheap, you may only get so far with cleaning it. You may instead want to opt for a tanning mitt of greater quality, which is intended to be cleaned. Ultimately, cheap tan mitts are sold to be replaced regularly.

How to clean a fake tanning mitt

Hand washing

The first option you have available is to hand wash your fake tanning mitt. If you choose this method, ensure that the water is warm and not hot. 

Be sure to massage the tan out of the mitt. Think of it like a makeup brush; a little bit of water is never enough to full clean it, is it? You need to keep gently pushing the tan out of the mitt.

You may want to place the mitt in warm water for 15-20 minutes beforehand to loosen some of the fake tan before you get hands-on.

Machine washing

If you're lucky enough to have a machine that offers a 30 degree quick wash, then pop it in and away you go.

If not, choose the nearest setting to it - but remember, warm water not hot water.


When your mitt is washed, lay it flat or hang it to dry. This will help to keep its shape. Nobody wants a kinked tanning mitt, do they?

How often should I wash my tanning mitt?

We recommend washing it down every time. It'll help to keep the mitt clean, which means that your fake tan application is smooth and you don't end up with any old crusty tan from the last times affecting your new glow.



Looking for a new fake tanning mitt that's perfect for cleaning?

Good news. All of our fake tanning mitts were designed to be washed. That means that whichever tan type you prefer (i.e., gel, oil, mousse, spray or cream), you can clean your mitt with ease.

Easy to wash fake tanning mitts

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