Fake tan for pale or sensitive skin

Most people within the United Kingdom by nature have pale skin. As such, we find ourselves wanting to improve the tone of our skin, but only in a way that appears natural and realistic. We want to look like we have been lightly kissed by the sun, leaving people thinking ‘oh wow don’t they look lovely and healthy’ but not in an ‘oh my lord, what have they done, they look ludicrous, orange and streaky’ kinda way.

It almost seems impossible - but it's not. It's entirely achievable with the right type of fake tan.

So many people still uphold the very outdated view that fake tans are orange toned, unnatural, smelly and generally not worth the bother. We have to agree that historically this was pretty much the case but tans have come a long way since then.

Whilst there is a definite proportion of people out there who want to be ‘as dark as possible’ which is fine, each to their own. But there is also a growing section of people that simply want to have lightly tanned, natural and glowing skin, happy in the knowledge that no one is any the wiser that it’s not real. At Bronzie, we've spent years developing a family of natural-looking fake tans that do just that.

Our tans work with any skin tone and are packed with skin enriching ingredients and a superior quality DHA.

What is DHA? 

DHA is the ingredient that colours the skin. By no means it is a ‘one size fits all’. in fact, it's far from it. Possibly surprising to read, but there are a huge variety of different DHA’s that can be added, ranging from the very cheap (they do turn you orange yes) to the luxury versions (which absolutely don’t, you will be olive toned and glowing), and like most things in life you get what you pay for.

So let’s go through the options..

Gradual fake tanning moisturiser

Essentially, this is a moisturiser that adds a very very subtle hint of colour, possibly only noticeable to you, however this is what many of our customers want. It can be layered day after day to deepen the colour, so you are pretty much in charge of the tone of your skin, alter at your leisure! A great starting point for the most nervous of tanners out there!

Fake tanning mousse

Tanning mousses should glide on beautifully and typically offers the darkest end result, whilst still being extremely realistic looking. To prolong and deepen colour, you could choose to gradually layer on a gradual fake tan

Fake tanning oil

To us, this is the jewel in the crown. Fake tanning oil is so incredibly moisturising that it hydrates the skin as well as giving an unbelievably natural and beautiful tan that will last for days without fading in ugly patches.

However, it is important to note that the guide colour (the colour the tan looks when it is applied) is very dark. But don't panic - this is on purpose and is done to make the application process very easy so as there are no missed areas of skin.

Just like a tanning mousse, gradual tan can also be layered on top of the oil to prolong the life of the tan. The oil is an excellent option to upgrade to once you have mastered and are happy with the colour of the gradual fake tan. It gives the same natural olive colour in a slightly darker hue.

So if you do have pale skin and want to tan but feel there are no options out there for you and have pretty much given up hope, we are here and ready to help!  We won’t let you down. 

Our range of fake tans are designed and tested for people of all skin tones, and come with a completely unique scent unavailable elsewhere. Why not give us a go? If you're a new customer, use code "WELCOME10" at checkout for 10% off your first order.

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