Confessions of a fake tanner

So, we have all done it. Only tanned what will show. Laziness… or is it just plain clever?

When winter draws in we bare less flesh. Chunky knits, tights, high-necks and long sleeves. None of them condusive to showing off a golden glow right? Wrong!

Just this week I was caught out. I am naturally very pale. Even in the height of summer I am, at best, off white. The only tan I got this year was a Birkenstock shaped one on my feet. Shameful. So I decided I was looking a bit pasty and added some tan to my face and neck to perk me up a little. All good, no legs and arms out for me, its far too cold. I’ve bought into the whole loungewear, cute little tracksuit thing that 2020 has definitely made socially acceptable. Comfy, but cute.. what’s not to love?!

So, I head out, arms covered, legs covered, nice healthy glow to the face… sit down, trouser leg rides up, legs bared. A leg which can only be described as translucent. They were glowing like a bright beacon of sanctuary in a dark stormy sea. I could see them reflecting at me in a window at the opposite side of the room. Not a good look. At one point, I’m sure a passer by shielded her eyes.

It’s not just me that’s fallen foul to this crime. Sharon, a member of our facebook group (Self Tanning – tips/discussions/ask the Expert!) says she often does the ‘winter tan’. She recently went to a doctor’s appointment and had to stand there with two tone legs, brown from the shin down.

The moral of this blog? We all do things to save time. But we should all take time to make ourselves feel better.

Will I do a quick cheat tan in the future? Probably, yes.

Will I be embarrassed of flashing a pasty leg again? Absolutely.

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