Bronzie after-tan jumpsuit moonlights as maternity clothes

Did you catch the recent post from the glowing Casey Batchelor? She’s loving her Bronzie jumpsuit and how its growing with her on her pregnancy journey.

Here at Bronzie HQ we’ve long been aware of the many benefits to the jumpsuit (we’re never out of them!) and we’re over the moon that everyone else is reaping the benefits too! As you know, the jumpsuit was originally designed and made as the ultimate after tan garment, no streaks, no marks – the ultimate post fake tan protection!

We know, we know... we nailed it in that arena.

As time has gone on we, and many of you, have discovered so many other of its strong points and ways and where’s (is that a word??!) to wear it.

So, what did the Bronzie do next? It only went and looked after our lovely new mummies and mummies to be! It is the absolute ultimate in maternity clothing necessities!

During pregnancy, things get bigger… boobs, tummies, to name but a few. The Bronzie jumpsuit’s loose-fitting qualities and drawstring adjustable waist mean the garment expands as you do! There is nothing more important than comfort when you’re expecting, so why not throw a bit of style in there too? The jumpsuit is perfect for relaxing at home. Need to pop out? We’ve got you covered, you don’t need to change out of the comfort, it’s so eye catching and flattering to all shapes and sizes.

Sounds too good to be true? It just gets better; the air holes under the arms.
Fluctuating hormones during pregnancy mean we can get a little warm from time to time (trust me we can relate to this first hand!). These little holes of heaven are perfect for keeping the air flowing and stopping you from overheating.

We spoke to a few of our beautiful pregnant Bronzie users and we’re happy to report that they all felt the same way about their jumpsuits during their pregnancy. Some even bought a second to wear whilst the other was in the wash. If that’s not proof of their worth, I don’t know what is?

The lovely Nikki was kind enough to give us a few photos of her in her jumpsuit, accessorised with a gorgeous little bump.

Nikki is an aesthetics nurse and took to wearing her jumpsuit in a professional capacity when her uniform became too tight and uncomfortable. Nikki we all think you look amazing.

Sold? We’re not finished yet….

Baby’s arrived, you’re not sure what day it is never mind what to wear. You don’t even want to look at any of your old clothes but you’re also not wanting to dive back into the maternity clothing. The jumpsuit is still your best friend! It will shrink down as you do, and has a modesty flap, zip and concealed button, so if you choose to breastfeed you can have easy access without exposing everything. The perfect solution to anyone feeling a little self-conscious out and about.

The after-tan jumpsuit offers you comfort, style and practicalities that really are a godsend after giving birth.

We would really love to see pictures of you in yours whether your little bundle is on the inside and outside! ☺ #babeswhobronzie

Who said maternity clothes were boring? Not us!

We got you.

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