Fake Tanning Stories: Ruth, 38, Doncaster

In the latest edition of Bronzie's tanning stories, we spoke with Ruth from Doncaster.

Why do you choose to tan?

As a working mum, I look to fake tanning as a quick fix pick-me-up. I'm constantly rushing around between work and looking after two small children (and one more on the way!), so I use fake tan to make myself feel good amidst a busy schedule.

How does fake tanning make you feel?

Fake tanning helps me to feel much more confident in myself, even when I'm feeling exhausted.

Can you tell us abut your fake tanning routine?

Due to the nature of how busy my life is, I opt for a tan routine that is quick, easy to apply and easy to maintain. I typically opt for a mousse application, occasionally topped up with a gradual tan.

With the right brand of fake tan, I find that my skin not only looks amazing, but that it feels much more hydrated.

Despite how busy my life is, I can't stress how important it is to exfoliate prior; it's the only way I've ever been able to guarantee a solid end result.

What skin tone do you aim for?

Personally, I prefer a much more natural glow. I don't like my natural skin to darken too much, so a nice golden and natural-looking tan does the job for me 

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