Fake Tanning Stories: Laura, 32, Liverpool

In the latest edition of Bronzie's tanning stories, we spoke with Laura from Liverpool.

Why do you choose to fake tan?

I was previously a sun bed user. Coming off the sun bed, I immediately felt better in myself as I was able to achieve a darker skin tone. As a younger woman, I had no hesitations of using sun beds as the risks were less publicised, and my knowledge in the area was limited.

Now that I'm older, I am suffering with pigmentation caused by sun beds and premature ageing, which all could have been resolved by using fake tan to achieve the same colour in a much more healthy way. 

How does fake tanning make you feel?

When I tan, I feel much more attractive and confident within myself. I like that tanning helps to hide skin blemishes, uneven skin tones and cellulite. In effect, fake tanning helps me to hide the parts of me I dislike the most, giving me an instant confidence boost.

Can you tell us abut your fake tanning routine?

Before I even get to fake tan application, I use an exfoliation mitt 24-hours prior, followed by moisturising the areas where tan will be applied.

My mood or plans will lead me to choose my tan of choice. If I'm just going aobut every day life, I'll apply a gradual tanning moisturiser. Whereas, for more casual events, like family gatherings, I might opt for a tanning mousse. And if I'm going out for a more special occasion, I'll opt for a fake tanning oil.

Obviously, despite the occasion, I'll wear my Bronzie jumpsuit, which I'm even guilty of just wearing around the house, even when not tanning!

What skin tone do you aim for?

Again, depending on my mood, I'll opt for a different skin tone. For those special occasions, I choose a much darker tan. On an everyday basis, I like to go for a much more natural and softer colour. And for casual events, I'll opt for a medium-tan, somewhere between the two.

Laura has been tanning for over 15 years.

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