Fake Tanning Stories: Hannah, 32, Somerset

In the latest edition of Bronzie's tanning stories, we spoke with Hannah from Somerset.

Why do you choose to fake tan?

I began using fake tan products occasionally when I was around 15, later returning on a more regular basis throughout my 20s as I worked as a signer and danger on cruise ships across Europe. 

I love the health glow that comes with fake tanning. It makes me feel good, boosts my mood and I simply feel more confident in my own skin.

How does fake tanning make you feel?

As a performer, confidence was key. And that is precisely what tanning brought me - the confidence to perform to hundreds every evening.

Can you tell us abut your fake tanning routine?

I choose to tan on a weekly basis, with tanning as important to me as my skin care regime. I begin by exfoliating my skin and shaving at least 24-hours before I apply any tan. To ensure a flawless application, I opt to prep my ankle, elbows and hands with primer first.

After I've applied tan, I put on my Bronzie jumpsuit. It helps me get on with the rest of my day without worrying about getting fake tan on bedsheets. 

I top up my routine daily with moisturiser to prolong my tan and leave it looking the best it can be.

What skin tone do you aim for?

I aim for a medium natural glow for everyday life, but if I am going on a night out with friends, I will typically opt for a slightly darker looking tan.

Hannah is a curve model, performer and online presenter, and has been using fake tanning products for 17 years.

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