Fake tanning stories: Vik, 40, Yorkshire

In the latest edition of Bronzie's tanning stories, we spoke with Vik from Yorkshire.

Why do you choose to fake tan? 

I choose to fake tan because I love it when my skin has a natural glow and tone, which fake tanning gives me. It’s perfect for every day life as well as for an event and makes my skin look and feel amazing.

How does fake tanning make you feel?

Having a tan makes me feel so much more confident in myself. Years ago, fake tanning was such a faff and effort. Whereas nowadays, due to innovation, it is so much easier to achieve and so much more enjoyable than using sun beds, without the risk of damaging my skin.

Can you tell us abut your fake tanning routine?

I gently exfoliate in the shower, then once dry apply a fake tanning oil all over using a back & body tanning applicator, which is amazing in itself as I can easily tan my own back without needing the help of a 7 year old! I then slip into my after tan onesie and get into bed, without worrying about stained sheets. 

In the morning, I'll show, shave my legs and then apply a gradual tan/moisturiser for that added glow and to keep my skin hydrated.

What skin tone do you aim for?

I opt for a natural-looking tan. Something that subtly screams sun-kissed.


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