Fake tanning stories: Nikki, 39, Doncaster

In the latest edition of Bronzie's tanning stories, we spoke with Nikki from Doncaster.

Why do you choose to fake tan?

I've fake tanned for years because of how I feel after a good tan. I don't quite remember how or why I got into it, but I just remember looking in the mirror the day after and feeling so much more confident about my appearance.

I like to have a consistent natural-looking glow all year round, which obviously isn't that achievable living in the UK. So, fake tanning definitely helps me achieve that!

How does fake tanning make you feel?

A lot of people say it, but it's true. I feel so much more confident in myself, and I quite often get complimented on how I look - there's a bit of a glow about me, I'm told. And I definitely feel that about myself too.

Can you tell us abut your fake tanning routine?

I typically only tan ahead of a sociable weekend, but occasionally will tan if I just want a bit of a pick-me-up. I usually tan on a Thursday, sleep with it on into the Friday and then wash off ready for the weekend. For me, this gives me the perfect skin tone that makes me feel me. I will then top up using a gradual fake tan as and when required. But no more than a light coating once or twice a week.

What skin tone do you aim for?

I like a slightly darker than natural tan, but not too dark. I'll top up using a gradual take to keep my tan looking on point!


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