You're never too old to fake tan...

Ever felt nervous to tan? 

Love how you feel and look with a tan but scared to get it wrong?

Think It’s too messy, streaky or patchy or it won’t look natural?

Terrified you’ll be orange? Or simply think that tanning is for the ‘younger’ generation?


Bronzie can help you overcome all of these fears. We have developed the FOOLPROOF tan! Yes foolproof, we know that’s a big claim to make but we have the goods to back it up. 

Watch this video of Maggie, a 67 year old tanning novice, she had only ever used gradual tan through fears of being orange or streaky but watch what happen with Bronzie oil….

We only use real people, we don’t use filters, everything you see is 100% genuine. You can trust us to take care of your tan.

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