The Lockdown Tan

Fake Tanning in lockdown. Why?

Good question. But bear with me whilst I explain my rationale.

We can’t go anywhere, are wrapped up in our Bronzie Jumpsuit with only the minimum amount of flesh on display so what’s the point? On face value I actually agree with the above HOWEVER, I actually want to encourage you to give it a little go and here’s why..

In the first lockdown, 764 years ago 🙄, I adopted the philosophy of ‘why bother’ so I didn’t. After a while, the same as millions of others my mental health began to take a bit of a battering. I felt anxious, stressed, trapped and yes, even though it pains me to admit it, slightly less attractive, I’d stopped making an effort which isn’t like me.

It was Father’s Day in June that I made a change. Obviously not going out but had decided to do a little garden picnic. I had just thrown on shorts and a t shirt (as my standard lockdown uniform) when my 11 year old daughter came down in her full on ‘party wear’ she looked beautiful. ‘Wow’ I said, ‘ you look lovely!’ ‘Thanks mum , I just thought I’d make an effort and this won’t fit me next summer’.

Those few words really hit home, why had I stopped?

Not one to be outdone, I retreated back upstairs, slapped on some fake tan, did my make up and popped on a dress. What a difference! No only did I look like the old me, I felt like her too. We had such a fantastic day and I honestly never felt better.

This isn’t me being shallow and only caring about my looks, I think it was actually taking charge , making a change and remembering who I was that lifted my mood (that plus a little alcohol). From that day on, I vowed to make more of an effort with myself and I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have the odd wobble and am far from on top of the world right now but I do find that still doing my tan once a week, applying mascara in a morning and styling my hair DOES make me feel so much better.

It gives me confidence. Whether we want to admit it or not, when we look our best, we feel better. It’s not vanity, it’s fact.

If nothing else works, ask your kids how they think you look, they guarantee brutal honesty at all times 😂

My son: ‘mummy you look lots prettier when you put stuff on your face, I like it better ’ 🤷🏼‍♀‍. So there you have it. ❤️

Bronzie Fake Tan - if you know, you glow.

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