The freckle trend is still going strong

No one is more surprised by this than us, to be honest!

We developed our fake freckle stencil back in 2018 when the natural scattering adorned on Megan Markle's very lightly made up face on her wedding day to our lovely Prince Harry sent us all into a freckle frenzy. It will pass as quickly as it appeared we thought (maybe like the nation's affection for the new Duchess ) but we were wrong….

Not only did it blow up massively – it has passed the test of time and still continues to be one of the most popular and searched for make up trends of our generation.

Some are so in love with the sun-kissed look it gives them that they have chosen the more permanent solution of having them tattooed on.  Each to their own of course but is this maybe a little drastic when there is a perfectly realistic and temporary option that can be wiped off as quickly as it was applied?  No infection or scarring necessary..

Other freckle related products have emerged onto the market as the trend has gained momentum.. such as freckle pens (think eyeliner pens basically) that can be dotted about to give you a freckle effect.. as pretty as these are we have to be a little bit biased here and say with confidence that NO product out there gives you quite the same effect as our cult freckle stencil. Not only that – our stencil lasts a pretty long time (if not forever if you look after it!), it’s not a pen that will run out, give it a little wipe after each use and it’s good to go again and again and again… What's more, you can even choose how to add your freckles - from one-off make-up products to longer-lasting fake tan. Simple apply your make-up or fake tan over the fake tan stencil with your choice of applicator (i.e., a fake tanning mitt or make-up brush) and away you go!

You see when we designed it we did it quickly yes but this didn’t mean we didn’t put care and thought into it. Natural freckles are not perfect round little dots, they are all kinds of glorious shapes and sizes, we took this into consideration during the design process. We also took into consideration that freckles can appear ANYWHERE not just on your face/cheeks, so we also made it very easy to move the stencil anywhere you choose and apply your freckles, many of our customers chose to add a little sprinkling on their chest or shoulders – what could be prettier?

We’ve also had our fair share of critics. ‘I hate my freckles why would I want to add more?!’, ‘what a stupid product!’ “who would buy this?’. Well, the fact is LOTS of people have and continue to use it again and again and share with us again and again just how delighted they are with it and how many compliments they receive when they are ‘freckled up’.

I guess it’s like most things in life – ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it and when you do, we are pretty sure you will be a little bit in love with it. 

Get your own fake freckle stencil here.

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