The dynamic duo try Bronzie's faux tans

The dynamic duo.

Donna May and Kaye Adams.

For those of you who don’t know, Donna is an extremely talented celebrity make up artist who also runs her own fantastic company Donna May London where she retails some game changing make up accessories.

Kaye is one of the beautiful, funny, intelligent and delightfully unedited loose women.

Donna is a long standing fan and evangelist of our fake tan range, and when she suggested we send some to self confessed beauty phobic Kaye in exchange for an honest review we jumped at the chance.

Kaye was very open in saying she never fake tans due to having countless disasters where she has been orange, patchy, streaky and everything else in between.

We weren’t deterred by this as we know our tanning oil is foolproof to even the most novice tanner.

Donna talked Kaye through the process but to our (and Donnas!) amusement she didn’t stick 100% to plan! She lathered it on, there were several streaks, patches and a VERY glowing face! Despite Donna telling her not to be afraid of the dark guide colour and to sleep in it (with her Bronzie on for added protection) she succumbed to the fear and rinsed it off after several hours.

The result? Perfection. An even, natural looking streak free tan. She was impressed.
Our tans can break down the barriers of fear of even the most hardened fake tan cynic. As we all know, those loose women are a tough crowd.

Brutal honesty and strong opinions is what this lovely lot are known and loved for so this led to other loose women requesting to try it. We were only too happy to oblige…

Here is the lovely Jane Moore in our fake tanning jumpsuit.

Scared of tanning? Don’t believe marketing hype? You don’t need to with us. Trust the loose women. We dare you not to. 
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