BRONZIVAL… the Bronzie guide to the festival season…

Download, Leeds, Wireless, TRNSMT…. Just a few of the amazing festivals on offer this summer in our very own homeland!

This weekend see’s the festival season truly kick off with Download and we want to help you prepare.

To some, the idea of a festival is good music, good friends, fun, booze, sun and laughter … to others, its mud, no sleep, filth, and porta loos.

We’re here to help you make the most of it and give you some clever tips to help you prepare and survive your festival experience!

Before you go, you want to feel your best! Spend the few days before preparing yourself and your belongings. We’re going to go through a list of essentials but to get you summer festival body ready you need to follow our 3-step system.

Read our previous blogs for full details but in brief here’s what you need to do:

  • Prepare. Exfoliate your skin. Use the Bronzie back and body exfoliation mitt to rid yourself of dead skin, old tan and leave your skin a blank canvas for the perfect festitan.
  • Fake Tan. Grab your favourite fake tan and apply with the Bronzie back and body tanning mitt. It could be the last bit of luxury you feel before you go, so lavish that bod whilst you can!
  • Lastly protect. Pop on your Bronzie jumpsuit to protect the fresh tan. Its also perfect for travelling in and sleeping in or even slipping over your skimpy outfit of an evening when the mood is slowing down, and you’re sat around outside your tent putting off hitting the sack!

That’s you ready… lets start on what to take.

Firstly, choose the right bag….

You are going to have to lug that thing over a field, through crowds and probably for some distance! You don’t need a suitcase, or your best Louis Vuitton weekender.. think practical, not pap-worthy.

Whilst we’re on the topic of bags… you need a body bag/bumbag/fanny pack… whatever you prefer. You need to carry cash, cards are useless.. and you need to keep it safe and with you at all times! You can even buy clever underwear to stash your cash these days!

There will be lots of standing, dancing, queuing, waiting, jiggling, loitering… all on your feet. Think carefully about footwear. You’ll probably be in a field.. your prized heels are not the best idea. Try to remember to take a bag to pop your shoes in when you take them off. If you stick dirty shoes in your bag.. clean stuff ruined.

Dry shampoo, cleaning wipes… essential! Surprisingly, you are not going to find a private luxury bathroom readily available just for your pampering needs. Needs must.. quick wipe down and a spray of the hair is probably the best your going to get. Wipes will also come in handy for wiping down utensils etc. Don’t forget them.

Now our beloved UK is known and loved (by who?) for its unpredictable weather. This doesn’t have to ruin everything. Pack a lightweight, small umbrella. There’ll be no hairdryers or big mirrors to save that fro! Self-preservation is a must! If your clothes do get damp and dirty, store them in a bag you can close off to prevent the rest of your gear being affected. The damp dog smell is not attractive.

When you’re thinking of clothes, think layers… things you can whip on and off easily, tank tops, hoody, light jacket... and glitter. Don’t even think of going without glitter… and flower crowns and large sunnies. Can’t stress this enough.
Playsuits look super cute… but when you need the loo do you really want to get naked? I think not.

Let’s be sensible for a minute... sun cream, reusable water bottle, food stash (granola bar, nuts, dried fruits), soft earplugs, eye mask and inflatable pillow. Sleep and sustenance will make for much more fun than exhaustion and starvation… that comes when you get home.

A festival can be the most fun you will have all year... what can ruin it instantly, is losing your friends. Have a buddy system, never leave each other alone… it could be like finding a needle in a haystack trying to find someone you’ve lost. Work out meeting points if you lose each other as often there could be no service and no battery on your phones!

Lastly have fun! This could be the best weekend of the year for you and a topic of conversation for years to come! Embrace it and relish the full festival experience... she-wee and all!

We got you.

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