The best tanning mitts [2023]

So, you're looking for a new fake tanning mitt - but where do you start?

If you're anything like us, you'll want a trusted mitt that can help you to deliver the most incredible, evenly-spread fake tan.

There are two main types of fake tanning mitt:

  • Back & body tanning mitt, which allows you to tan all over
  • Single tanning mitt, which enables you to easily tan the areas you can reach

What to look out for in a tanning mitt

You should look for a tanning mitt that does the following things:

  • Allows you to achieve the perfect tan, with no streaks
  • Helps you to avoid stained hands
  • Enables you to tan your full body yourself, without asking for help

In addition to these benefits, we recommend a fake tanning mitt that:

  • Is made from luxury materials - if you buy cheap, you buy twice as they say. Buying a quality mitt will prevent you from having to keep replacing it every time you tan. Cheaper mitts are also unlikely to offer the benefits we've listed above, so don't be surprised if you end up with streaks everywhere, and stained hands
  • Is rigorously tested - how often do you check the credentials of your fake tanning accessories? 


The best fake tan mitt

You'll want to weigh up the right option for you based on your experiences and budget available, but we always recommend you buy quality and take advantage of longer-term cost savings.

Here are our favourite tanning mitts...

Bronzie Back & Body Fake Tanning Mitt

Back & Body Tanning Mitt


Designed to help you achieve the perfect fake tan in the quickest amount of time, this tanning mitt is guaranteed to protect your hands and offer a stunning and even fake tan.

Get yours here.

Bronzie Single Tanning Mitt

Single Tanning Mitt

This single tanning mitt is perfect for those touch-ups, and offers the same level of tanning application as any other single tanning mitt. However, what makes this mitt special is its velour-lining and ability to protect your hands from staining.

Get yours here.

Bronzie Mini Mitts 

Mini fake tanning mitts

Need to tan your face or hands? These mitts are perfect for on the move.

Get yours here.


Best fake tanning mitts
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