The benefits of using a fake tanning mitt

Fake tanning is a regular occurrence for a lot of people, irrespective of age or gender. In fact, it's estimated that one in six people in the United Kingdom use fake tan. That's 16% of the UK's 67.2 million population that have experienced first-hand the struggles that can come with it.

In this blog, we cover some of the simple and easy-to-access benefits that come with using a fake tanning mitt.

Say goodbye to stained hands

Anybody that has tried to apply fake tan without a fake tanning mitt will know that the struggle is real. How often have you seen somebody with orange hands, where they've absorbed too much tan and it's been impossible to get it off? 

We won't get into the potential issues around the quality of the tan they've applied if they've ended up with an orange glow, but by using a fake tanning mitt, you can remove the potential for an embarrassing mishap. Let the mitt do all of the work.

A consistent tan

Consistency is key. Without a mitt, it's difficult to fully know if your tan is consistent across your entire body, especially the hard to reach areas, or those you can't quite see if you're applying it yourself.

A good quality fake tanning mitt will ensure that consistency, whether you're applying it to your back, arms or legs. 

Take advantage of time savings

With a mitt, you can tan more of your body in a much quicker way. the surface area of any mitt is always going to be bigger than the hand that goes into it, so you can almost always guarantee you'll get done quicker.

You can take advantage of even greater time savings by using a back & body fake tanning mitt. Specially designed to enable you to tan with ease, you can essentially halve your tanning time with the use of two mitts and a specially designed and created back panel, which will help you to achieve the consistency we've mentioned above, in record time.

You can do it yourself

Nobody likes to ask for help, but sometimes its necessary - particularly with hard to reach areas. With a back and body fake tanning mitt, you can tan your entire body yourself, and be confident in knowing that the tan you achieve will be consistent.

They're washable & re-usable

Providing you're buying from a credible business, your tanning mitt should be washable re-usable, meaning that the upfront investment pays for itself in reusability. Just make sure that you check the instructions on how to wash them, for example, your mitt's instructions might recommend washing at a low to medium heat to ensure you don't damage the materials.

If you haven't already, maybe it's time to try a fake tanning mitt for yourself. Check out our range of game-changing fake tanning mitts here. First time customer? Get 10% using code WELCOME10 at checkout.

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