How to tan your back

We've all been there, haven't we? You tan your front, your arms and your legs. You look in the mirror in awe at how even your tan is and how gorgeous you're going to look when you've washed your tan off later or tomorrow (time dependent on how long you prefer! For us, its overnight). Suddenly, you panic. You've not done your back - and you're all along at home.

Do you choose a completely new outfit and forget about that stunning backless dress you just bought especially for tonight? Do you call a friend and beg them to help you out, do you ...ask your boyfriend and wait for the argument, or do you do it yourself?

How to tan your back - the options

Option 1 - leave it out and hope nobody notices

You're potentially going out in the dark, will anybody even notice? 

Option 2 - you have a go yourself with the same single fake tanning mitt you used for the front

Will it be streak-free? Will you be able to get every single spot evenly? Its a risk, but if you pull it off, it'll be lifechanging.

Option 3 - ask your boyfriend

Do you trust him to do a good job? Would he be honest if he did it and it was awful? Would he know it was awful?

What happened last time you asked? Did it end in an argument? Did you not speak for days. We've been there.

Option 4 - ask a friend

Do you be that person that calls their friend last minute (whilst they're also getting ready!) and ask them to come over and tan? Will they moan that you didn't ask them sooner?

Option 5 - buy a back & body fake tanning mitt

By far the most sensible option. Did you know you could tan your full body - including your back - yourself? Well you can.

The good news? We designed the world's first fake tan mitt with connected ends, allowing you to apply fake tan to your back without worrying about a streaky experience. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself here.

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