How to get the perfect fake tan application

I like to work with analogies, always have. Not sure why but my brain has always found it strangely satisfying. I think it stems from my childrens never ending questions over the years relating to subjects they have no grasp on and me needing to find a context they can understand. ‘Mum, what is a dictatorship?’ me, ‘well you know how I am in charge in this house and no one else gets a say…’

So, when approaching the holy grail of all tanning questions – ‘How do I achieve the perfect tan?’ (which I am asked many many times!) I always use the same analogy of painting a wall and it’s all in the preparation. It really is that simple.

Not to liken any of you to an unpainted wall of course but the principles are broadly the same. Let me explain…. Ask any decorator worth his salt and they will all tell you the same. It’s always worth spending a little extra time and care over prepping your walls before you paint, as you’ll get a much better finish. Recently plastered walls, a previously painted wall with a few cracks and holes or a previously wallpapered wall. No matter the material of your walls, they must be dry, and free from grease and dust, flaky plaster, peeling paint and bits of wallpaper.

Remove any grease, crayon or mucky fingerprints with a sugar soap solution. This comes as either ready-mixed or as a solution to mix with water. Wear gloves and apply the sugar soap to the walls. Once all walls have been cleaned, give the surface a final clean with warm water to remove any soap traces. Leave the walls to dry thoroughly.

Get it? (you’ll now never be able to paint a wall again without thinking of this, sorry).

There is no magic trick, no secret ingredient in any fake tan that will alter the above, despite what you may be led to believe. There are also other factors that come in to play such as the mitt and tan you use which all contribute to the overall finish you will get but I will keep saying it ‘preparation is key’

What will you need? Easy. Again, just like painting, the better tools you use, the better finish you will get. We can help with every part of your tanning process. For all of our lovely customers reading this you will know we started out life as a luxury tanning accessories brand before introducing tan. This means we studied the process and the problems faced for many many years, painstakingly researching all of our products ensuring we brought you only the best.

We will not compromise on quality

The word ‘luxury’ has not been added just to impress anyone, they truly are luxury, and with luxury comes a slightly higher price tag. However, it also comes with so much more, our promise it will work just as it says it should as well as lasting you far longer than any cheaper alternative. As my mum always used to say (and I do too now, don’t tell her 🙄) ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

Our back and body exfoliation mitt is charcoal infused which is activated when wet, it promotes skin renewal, removes dirt and grease, old tan and dead skin cells. It also allows you to reach every part of your body. Simple, wall stripped, canvas ready to paint…

Apply one of our Ultimate fake tans that are all infused with aloe vera, Kakadu plum (the highest concentration of vitamin C), along with many other skin enhancing ingredients that will help to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Dry skin is one of the many reasons tans go patchy and ‘crack’ . Always ensure the tan you do use is as kind to your skin as it can be.

Use our award winning back and body tanning mitt (or our new single mitt version), It has won awards for a reason! It is the softest most luxurious mitt you will ever use and tan will glide onto your body evenly, contributing to smooth finish. It is lined so there will be no transfer to hands and can then be machine washed and used again and again and again.

We are the Farrow and Ball of the tanning world.

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