How long after a tattoo can you fake tan?

We get it. You're torn. You want to get that tattoo you've had your heart set on for ages, but you also want to have a tan to be proud of. But be cautious. You may have to forgo fake tanning for a short space of time to allow your tattoo to fully heal.

Now, not every tattoo healing process is the same. Some tattoos heal quicker than others. What is important is that you ensure you give your tattoo(s) enough time to fully heal before you apply any fake tan - whether that's a fake tanning oil, mousse or gradual fake tanning moisturiser.

Typically, tattoo healing times can be anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Which, in the grand scheme of things, considering your tattoo is intended to be a permanent body fixture, isn't too long, is it?

To aid up the healing process, you can always apply the cream recommended by your tattooist. 

So, technically, the answer is yes. You can. It's your body to do what you want to it.

How long after getting a tattoo should you wait before applying fake tan?

We recommend waiting at least two weeks, and a month if you can. That way you'll avoid the risk of developing any infections that may come.

That gives you plenty of time to treat yourself to a new tan...

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