Fake tan gift sets - the perfect present

Is there a special occasion coming up for a tan lover in your life? Whether its your brother or sister, boyfriend or girlfriend, friend or colleague, a fake tan gift set is an incredibly good idea.

Why you should consider fake tan gift set as the perfect gift

Tan lovers typically buy items separate. They'll likely go to one place for their fake tan, and they've probably been using the same rundown mitt for years. 

Fake tan gift sets are perfect because they offer the ideal; an item that a tan lover regularly uses with some additional items to enhance their tanning experience and make them feel a little bit more special.

And that's what we want to achieve through gifting, right?

Fake tan gift sets are perfect all year round. Especially in the United Kingdom, where the weather is so unpredictable. Am I right?

Fake tanning isnt a one-time thing. To look and feel good, it's like anything - it takes time and effort. And if you love fake tanning and care about looking and feeling healthy, you'll probably fake tan on the regular.

What fake tan gift sets include

A good fake tanning gift set (as we've alluded to above) should include variety.

At Bronzie, out gift sets are flexible enough for every type of budget and scenario. Across our range of fake tan gift sets, you can get your hands on:

Your choice of fake tan

  • Fake tanning oil
  • Fake tanning mousse
  • Gradual fake tanning moisturiser

Your choice of after tan jumpsuit

  • Black
  • Leopard print lined

...in sizes S-M, M-L or curve, catering to sizes 12-24.

Your choice of tanning and exfoliation mitts

  • Back & body fake tanning mitt
  • Back & body exfoliation mitt
  • Single application tanning mitt
  • Mini fake tanning mitts

Save money

Not only are fake tan gift sets good for gifting, but they're also much more cost-effective too. Take advantage of savings of around 20%+ by buying a group pack. Everyone's a winner.

Fake tan gift sets
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