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We don’t pretend I can keep up with social media. The rules I feel change daily. Instagram, Facebook (now apparently for ‘old people’), TikTok, Twitter, the list goes on..

You are constantly told what is ‘imperative’ to your business and what you MUST be doing to succeed, I find it exhausting and anxiety inducing. Especially when my 12 year old daughter asks me why we are not doing reels  🤷‍♀️. It honestly makes me feel dizzy!

Anyway – we have ventured into the world of ‘lives!’ - these are something I can really get on board with! They are ‘live’ (obviously) allowing people to engage with your brand in real time. I genuinely love this concept as your customers are right there with you, interacting and asking questions.

We recently handed over the reins to the amazing duo that is Sophie Tague and Emma Rumble.

About our hosts

Sophie has been in the tanning industry for over 20 years and there is literally nothing she doesn’t know! Fake tanning celebrities for years as well as having her own accredited spray tan academy.

Emma is a self confessed beauty product  addict. She recently started her own fitness journey and from that stemmed a passion to empower other women to feel self confident from the inside out.

So, how did it go? AMAZING! Both women were so unbelievably engaging and our customers were thrilled.

Emma spoke of her life long fear of fake tan due to having had so many bad experiences along the way including orange tones, streaks, patches and bad smells etc. She happily shared her own journey with fake tan for our watchers and reassured them how our tan (the Ultimate Fake Tanning Oil especially) has revolutionised her whole way of thinking and converted her into a tanning evangelist!

Our fake tanning oil is near enough foolproof. It has such a dark guide colour to allow you to see where you have been and ensures there are no missed areas. It glides on with a stunning scent (the biscuit smell never materialises even when the tan is developing). Washing off to reveal a natural, streak free and olive glow.  Skin Perfection in a bottle. As it’s a tanning oil it also keeps skin hydrated, where as most tans are incredibly drying, this means it fades evenly.


Fake Tan Guide - Bronzie


We hope this gave so many people who have similar fears and have had historic disasters the confidence to try our tans. As we always say – we will only ever show you real people and real results.

Not to forget the tanning legend that is Sophie. She was on hand to answer live questions about peoples tanning fears and what they could to do achieve the best possible results.

Here’s a little selection of what she was quizzed on...

How do I maintain my natural-looking fake tan?

Sophie quite rightly pointed out this wasn’t just ONE thing, it was a combination of many factors that can play a part…. First you need to ensure you skin is properly prepared and exfoliated. Remember our wall painting analogy? If it’s not properly prepped you aren’t going to get the best result.

You need to moisturise your skin once your fake tan is applied (and washed off). The Bronzie gradual fake tanning moisturiser is PERFECT for this as it’s an absolutely beautiful, luxury moisturiser (again with an amazing smell) that also boosts and prolongs your colour as it has a very subtle hint of tan in it… don’t forget to wash your hands after applying though as it will stain them.

Other things to be aware of when trying to keep your tan up… shower don’t bath. Keep it as short as possible with lukewarm water and only concentrate on washing ‘pits and bits’ (this is now my new favourite saying!) and avoid scrubbing your skin.  Always pat skin dry, avoiding any rubbing motions.

Another interesting point Sophie made (completely new to me!) - some skin tones just hold onto tan better than others. Fact. If your skin is particularly dry, it’s never going to last as long unfortunately, purely down to mother nature. Bronzie oil can help a little here of course as well as the gradual tan to top up but your skin is your skin.

Avoid oil based products! This will remove any fake tan from your skin. Perfume can also cause patches. Who knew?!

Sophie's claw tip!

THE CLAW, THE CLAW (does anyone remember the film Liar Liar when Jim Carey used to play this game with his son? Just makes me think of that)

Anyway, another thing people seem to struggle with is hand tanning and how to create a flawless finish where tan doesn’t sit in the creases of knuckles and around nails. Make a claw! If you position your hand into this shape and wipe downwards over your hands then go around your nail bed with a wet wipe, crisis averted! Perfect hands 

If you want to go and watch the full video it’s on our Instagram and hopefully we’ll be bringing you some more as we head into tanning season, so if you ever have a question please don’t be shy, just drop us a line and we’ll happily answer it for you.

We got you x

Natural Looking Fake Tan Range

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