10 top tips for fake tanning at home…

Bronzie Fake Tan - If You Know, You Glow!

Tips by fake tanning expert Sophie Tague and Bronzie 

A gorgeous glowing tan can help make you feel good, both on the inside and out. An instant mood booster, taking time to give yourself a beautiful tan at home can quickly lift your spirits and help you feel more confident and excited for the warmer months ahead. 

Luxury sunless tanning brand Bronzie are well known for helping their customers achieve flawless tans at home with their innovative fake tanning tools and accessories, including the Bronzie Jumpsuit, the first ever garment designed specifically to be worn post faux-tanning. 

As Bronzie take their first foray in to self-tans with the launch of their three new Ultimate Tans, their resident tanning expert Sophie Tague shares her top 10 tips for creating the perfect tan at home. 

Our ten top tips for fake tanning at home

Fake Tanning Tips - 1
The secret to a good tan is all in the preparation. Exfoliate both the body and the face before tanning for a smooth and even finish.
Fake Tanning Tips - 2
Make sure to moisturise any dry areas, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet before tanning.
Fake Tanning Tips - 3
Different tans work for different people. Whether it’s a fast-acting fake tanning mousse, nourishing fake tanning oil or gradual fake tanning lotion make sure you find the right one that works for you! 
Fake Tanning Tips - 4
Always use a good quality velour fake tan mitt or glove to apply your fake tan. Make sure it’s lined to avoid tan seeping through to hands.
Fake Tanning Tips - 5
Start with the areas where you want to apply the most tan. Then use the small amount of product left on the tanning mitt for hands, elbows, knees and feet.
Fake Tanning Tips - 6
Buff in any excess product with the clean side of your fake tanning mitt.
Fake Tanning Tips - 7
Apply setting powder under the bust and on any sticky areas, especially in the heat!
Fake Tanning Tips - 8
After tanning, slip into dark loose fitting clothing…like a Bronzie Chelsea After Fake Tanning Jumpsuit!
Fake Tanning Tips - 9
To extend the life of your tan take showers over long hot baths.
Fake Tanning Tips - 10
Keep skin nourished and your tan in tact by using a lightweight moisturiser daily. 


About Sophie..

Sophie Taguen - Fake Tanning Expert

Sophie is a tanning expert with over 20 years’ experience in tanning, training with the top UK tanning professionals, and working on a vast array of celebrity and VIP clients for the likes of London Fashion Week, the Brit Awards and Strictly Come Dancing. Sophie teaches the art of tanning at several training locations around London and is the sunless tanning ambassador for Melanoma UK.  


Bronzie x Melanoma

Bronzie have teamed up with Melanoma UK to spread awareness, help raise vital funds, and support Melanoma UK in their campaign to follow in Australia’s footsteps and ban the use of tanning beds in the UK. Bronzie will be donating £1 from the sale of each of our Ultimate Fake Tans to Melanoma UK. 

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