Real fake tanning stories

Bronzie exists to support the everyday tanner. Initially, we created a range of fake tanning solutions aimed at women, and over time, we've realised that fake tanning is for everybody, irrespective of age, gender or ethnicity.

We're on a mission to cement ourselves as the people's tanning brand. No photoshopped photos, no false claims. Just pure authentic experiences of people from everyday walks of lives.

Within our fake tanning stories series, you'll hear the experiences of people like you:

  • The time poor working mum who still wants to be able to feel good about herself
  • The socialite, who works hard in the week so that she can enjoy herself at the weekend
  • The retired parent, who wants to enjoy their new freedoms
  • The men who think that tanning is a girls game, but deep down also want to experience the confidence benefits that fake tanning is known to bring

Every week, we'll be speaking to different people about their experiences. Why they tan, how fake tanning makes them feel and what they look for.

Want to submit your own story? We'd love to hear it!

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