Three steps to the perfect tan

Three steps to the perfect tan

When tanning, there are many factors which need taking into consideration. And we’re here to help.

In short, your skin needs to be flawlessly prepared to create the perfect tan. You can’t buy new skin in the same way you would just go and buy a new canvas, but you can clean and rejuvenate your skin.

Our skin is made up of many layers, but tanning only occurs on the outer layer – the epidermis. The colour change occurs when tan interacts with dead skin cells. And no matter how often we scrub our skin, we will we always have dead skin cells. This is why exfoliation is always advised before applying any tanning product – to provide a smoother application and give your tan longevity.

Exfoliating 24-hours before tanning gives the skin a chance to settle. Drier areas, like your hands, elbows, knees and feet, need particular attention, as does your back. Did you know the back is one of the most neglected areas of the body?

At Bronzie, we have created a new Back & Body Exfoliating Mitt. Our accessory has two gentle exfoliating mitt ends to scrub your body, plus a middle section that loops around your back, to ensure a full body scrub.

Not only will our revolutionary exfoliating mitt help to reinvigorate your skin; but it is also infused with charcoal, a beauty industry favourite, and will help to brighten and withdraw impurities out of the skin, to perfectly prepare your body for tanning.

When using your Back & Body Exfoliating Mitt:

1. Begin by washing your body as normal. Then rinse your skin to ensure your body is free from soapy products.

2. Dampen your exfoliating mitt with warm water and then squeeze out any excess.

3. To scrub the body, place one hand in each mitt and rub up and down in a circular motion. Small pieces of charcoal may come loose from the mitt – that is totally normal.

4. To exfoliate the back, place one hand in one mitt, pass the middle section around your back, and then place your other hand in the other mitt. Move your hands from side to side bringing the mitt up and down your back.

5. To exfoliate your upper back, place one hand in each mitt and loop the middle section around the back of your neck. Then, angle your hands to find the best position you to scrub from side to side.

6. Rinse your body, then pat dry.

7. Rinse your exfoliating mitt thoroughly, ring out any excess water and then lay flat or hang to dry naturally.

8. The following day, use our Back & Body Tanning Mitt. This mitt will allow you to tan everywhere, including hard to reach areas like your back. It is also super soft, kind to skin and has a protective film inside each mitt to protect hands from tanning products leaking through.

When using the Back and Body Tanning Mitt:

1. Before tanning, ensure your body is completely dry. If your skin is too damp or body temperature too high your tan will find it difficult to stay on the skin. Next, moisturise your hands, elbows, knees and feet. Then, apply your chosen fake tanning product to the mitts, and begin by applying tan to your thigh, down to your feet. Top Tip: leave your knees and feet until last so you can apply the leftover tanning product from the mitt.

2. Progress up to your tummy using small circular motions, and then move on to your arms, chest and neck. When tanning your arms, leave your elbows, hands and wrists until last and just apply the leftover tanning product from the mitt.

3. Next, apply your tanning product to each side of the middle panel, pass it around your back and place a hand in each mitt. Move it from side to side to cover your back.

4. Then, change the angle of the mitt to tan your upper back.

5. Finish by checking your tan in a mirror. Use the mitt to blend any areas you may have missed.

6. When you wish to wash your tanning mitt, hand wash or put it on a gentle 30° cycle, and then lay flat or hang up to dry.

Understanding the preparation and application process is crucial to achieving your ultimate fake tan. But what is a fantastic tan without the right clothes to protect it? There is nothing more disheartening than waking up to see tanning marks or smudges all over your bedding. That’s why, after the tanning process, we recommend wearing one of our tailor-made garments for complete post-tan protection – the Chelsea Bronzie Jumpsuit.

Why is the Bronzie perfect?

We have specially designed each element of our garment to protect your tan.

• The ankle cuffs and wrists are will not mark or smudge.
• Our asymmetric zip allows you to step into your jumpsuit with ease.
• The double-breasted panel will protect your modesty, while acting as a zip-protector to your skin.
• The under arm mesh panels promote breathability.
• Our unique fabric will not absorb tanning products.
• The velour-lined hood, collar and trims, plus gold zips and toggles, add style.
• The toggles enable an adjustable waist and a fitted finish.
• You can leave the salon feeling stylish.
• It is comfortable to sleep in and leaves your bedding stain-free.
• 100% machine washable.

For more information on any of our products please follow the link below.


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