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What is the best fake tan remover?

Picture the scene; It’s Wednesday night – you have a big night out planned on Friday. You run through the usual mid week checklist: • New shoes… bought. • New dress… on its way. • Bouncy blow dry… booked. • Nail appointment/counselling session… organised. • Fake tan application… planned for Tanning-Thursday tomorrow. Looks like you’ve…
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Why using the best fake tan won’t work

It’s a popular question, one I am sure you have heard asked or indeed asked it yourself; what is the best fake tan? It’s true to say that there is a HUGE choice out there, each with their own fan base for many different reasons, smell, consistency, price, colour, drying time, application, the list goes…
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Expert tanning tips for spring

It may not quite be maxi-dress season just yet, but as we get so many questions about how to achieve the perfect tan, we thought we’d write down some hints and tips for you to follow. Our tanning expert to the stars and marketing manager, Eloise said, “As we transition into the warmer months and…
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All you need to know about Galentine’s day!

Forget Valentine’s Day; it’s all about Galentine’s Day! But what is Galentine’s day you may ask? Well, it’s a day that Amy Poehler’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ character Leslie Knope created to represent girl power! As Leslie said: “Oh it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave…
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Do’s & Don’ts On Tanning Week

Being a female is SO hard! Who agrees….!!? Not only do we have all the monthly cycle to deal with – but our beauty treatments need to be so strictly regimented!   The questions – The confusion! Do you Wax then Tan?. ..or do you Tan then Wax? When can I do my Eyebrows? How long do I…
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Tanning Tip Consistency

HEY TANNERS! Welcome to Tuesday’s Tips.   We’ve been asked by lots of customers what’s the best tan to use; not the brand but what consistency, Gel, Spray, Mousse etc. Well here’s our tips to answer those questions for you.     When using Bronzie’s Got Your Back Tanning Mitt,one of the brilliant things (besides…
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How To Keep Your Tan Maintained This Christmas

With the lead up to Christmas and the New Year approaching, there are so many reasons to wear fake tan, as there are so many events! With the majority of fake tans on the market only lasting 7days (including the fade) this proves difficult to keep the tan at its best.I get asked frequently ‘how do…
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Get your Christmas Tan – Party Perfect

Party season has landed, your skin has most probably been neglected as our ‘me time’ goes out of the window. We all want to look good in our party dress and here’s how to prep your skin to obtain the perfect tan: For extra nourishing this winter, start exfoliating and moisturising 3 days leading up…
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How to Tan Your Own Back… All By Youself!

One of the most frequently searched statements online is “How to tan your own back”. I’ve heard all sorts of stories from clients who’ve wanted to achieve the perfect back tan yet struggled doing it alone… such as calling in the boyfriend on girly nights in, roping in the next door neighbour and even using mitts taped to coat…
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How to Tan – Tour your face at home!

Last week I introduced contouring using faux tan. Isn’t it such a nice feeling when you wake up and your lashes are done your brows are done – so let’s get that contour done too! I’m going to go through the Expert steps to achieve a ready contoured face, expert step are slightly longer but…
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