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Tan Perfecting Powder Is Here…

Love tanning but hate the sticky ‘waiting to dry’ phase?  Need to tan in a hurry? Well, we totally got you covered...

Not only can we handle the preparation, application and protection of your tan, we can now DRY it for you too!  Yes, that’s right, bone dry in a matter of minutes. You’re welcome.

Our brand new, Tan Perfecting Powder is the new jewel in the crown and it will not disappoint. It can be applied straight onto the skin when you’ve finished applying your chosen tan.  The powder immediately takes away the tacky, sticky feeling and leaves you with a beautiful, fresh smelling, not to mention dry, shimmering tan. Clothes can then be applied, and your daily life can carry on. BOOM!

Not enough for you?  We got more……It is also perfect to use on holiday when aftersun has been applied, no waiting for it to dry before you can go out. It is even perfect to use on its own to give limbs a beautiful sheen.

To compliment the powder, we have developed the Powder Pop, a huge luxury body puff, perfect for applying the powder all over the body. So, being the sticklers for tradition that we are, we have followed in the footsteps of our award winning back and body tanning mitt so you can powder pop your whole body unaided.

Perfect for use at home or in salons, take it along to your spray tan appointment if your local salon doesn’t stock it and ask your technician to ‘pop you’ once your tan has been applied – (or apply it yourself as we’ve made it possible!)  we want everyone to know about this genius product.

How many more genius products can we come up with?! Keep watching…….

Need both products in your life!? Buy our Tan Perfecting Powder & Powder Pop duo set here.

Love tanning but hate the sticky ‘waiting to dry’ phase?  Need to tan in a hurry? Well, we totally got you covered… Introducing the Bronzie Tan Perfecting Powder & Powder Pop.

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