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Motivation During Lockdown

Motivation during lockdown...

Anyone else been feeling what can only be described as flat this last week or two?
Like pancake flat, can’t seem to get any work done, can’t be bothered to exercise, can barely find the effort to wash your hair?! Please say its not just me! We’re into week 6 of the unknown

For the first few weeks of lockdown I had a daily plan, up dressed, fed, showered by 8:30. Home school ran like clockwork, I was to work alongside the kids. Daily walks, prep tea together, creative time, and a couple of hours on house party talking to family and friends.
Now, I can’t get out of bed early, struggle to fall asleep at night, can’t be bothered to sort my mop of hair and have nothing to speak to anyone on house party about so have been avoiding it.

Motivation is at an all time low.

A friend called the other day for a moan. In honesty, I was far from in the mood to talk to anyone, however... twenty minutes later, lots of moaning, some husband bashing, some laughing and a realisation that we were both going through the same thing.. suddenly, we were both feeling a little better.

So how can we try and stay sane during lockdown?

Firstly, make a routine. Don’t get caught up on sticking to it to the letter, but if you have a rough guide of what you want to achieve, you have a focus.

Get some exercise. Nobody is suggesting you have to run 10k a day. A walk, some fresh air, a little yoga, just something for you is a welcome break from the sofa, and some much needed alone time.

Look after yourself. There’s no need for full face glam to sit at home, but now we have time to start a good skin care regime, take the time to give your skin some tlc (exfoliation is key, charcoal exfoliation is goals).

If you feel better with a tan, tan! I saw someone make a comment that there was no point in tanning during lockdown and nearly choked on my family sized chocolate bar. What?! If tanning makes you feel good, do it! You do it for you, not anyone else, so tan away. The Bronzie tanning mitt is ideal for anyone isolating alone as you can quickly tan your whole back and body yourself with ease without being an award winning contortionist.

Loungewear has never been so in fashion so get comfy. Sweat pants, leggings, or if you’re really lucky, the Bronzie Jumpsuit. I’m honestly wondering how I’m ever going to survive a day without it.

My last but most important suggestion is to keep in touch with those you love, even when you don’t feel like it. The likelihood is, they’re feeling the same.
Make a quiz, collaborate on a daft video, challenge each other, start a facetime book or film club, compare cocktail recipes or laugh at eachother’s unfortunate baking skills.

Its okay to not be okay, everyone is going to have an off day.

Stay safe.

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