Why using the best fake tan won't work

It's a popular question, one I am sure you have heard asked or indeed asked it yourself; what is the best fake tan? It’s true to say that there is a HUGE choice out there, each with their own fan base for many different reasons, smell, consistency, price, colour, drying time, application, the list goes on...

It is also fair to say that the choice of brands available run all the way from ‘cheap and cheerful’ to ‘top end luxury’ with price tags to match.

We aren’t here to tell you which is the best fake tan and which one you should use but what we are going to tell you may just affect your choice when next trying to decide which one to buy...

It is our strong belief that NO tan, no matter how expensive, what it may promise you will work to its maximum potential unless you have correctly prepared your skin prior to application.

Our new exfoliating mitt is set to be the globe's hero beauty tool, delivering the perfect blank canvas for the application of any fake tan, for a flawless finish.

By sloughing skin cells, impurities and even tan build-up from the hardest to reach places, the Exfoliating Mitt removes the worry of tell-tale pigment patches and streaks, and ensures the even application of products.

Product interacts with dead skin cells, which are being shed by the body in a constant cycle.

By exfoliating the oldest dead skin cells, you’re ensuring the longest possible efficacy for your products, which will react with the first available layer of skin cells. The newer these are, the longer your desired effect – be it hydration, luminosity or tan – will last.

Exfoliate fully the day before your tan application. This gives your skin a chance to settle.

So, the focus shouldn’t be ‘what is the best fake tan’ but more, ‘how can I achieve the best fake tan’


1. Begin by washing your body as normal. Then rinse your skin to ensure your body is free from soapy products.

2. Dampen your exfoliating mitt with warm water and then squeeze out any excess.

3. To scrub the body, place one hand in each mitt and rub up and down in a circular motion. Small pieces of charcoal may come loose from the mitt – that is totally normal.

4. To exfoliate the back, place one hand in one mitt, pass the middle section around your back, and then place your other hand in the other mitt. Move your hands from side to side bringing the mitt up and down your back.

5. To exfoliate your upper back, place one hand in each mitt and loop the middle section around the back of your neck. Then, angle your hands to find the best position you to scrub from side to side.

6. Rinse your body, then pat dry.

7. Rinse your exfoliating mitt thoroughly, ring out any excess water and then lay flat or hang to dry naturally.

8. The following day, use our Back & Body Tanning Mitt with any fake tan of your choice. This mitt will allow you to tan everywhere, including hard to reach areas like your back. It is also super soft, kind to skin and has a protective film inside each mitt to protect hands from tanning products leaking through.

We got you.

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