What is the best fake tanning mitt and how do I keep my tanning mitt clean?

What is the best fake tanning mitt?

Have you ever asked what is the best tanning mitt, and how on earth do I keep my fake tanning mitt clean? Well here's the answer...

Our award winning 3-in-1 back and body fake tanning mitt was designed to help you achieve the perfect self-tan in half the time, with less mess, no stained hands, be easy to use and to cover every part of your body without having to seek out unwilling helpers! This undoubtedly makes this the best fake tanning mitt around.

Keeping your mitt in good condition is key to maximising its benefits.. we all have that one friend with the caked up manky fake tanning mitt hidden in their bathroom somewhere - yuk! Don't be that friend.

Washing your mitt shouldn't take unnecessary time... so it doesn't.

We don't want you to waste the precious time saved during your easy tan application cleaning your Bronzie back & body fake tanning mitt. It's really quick and easy, no faffing, no mess!

How do I clean a tanning mitt?

You can either hand wash your mitt with warm (not hot) water, or even easier, chuck it in the washing machine on a 30 wash. If you're extra lucky your machine may have a quick wash on 30... thank you washing machine gods!

When the cleaning ritual is complete, lay your tanning mitt out flat to dry or hang. No-one wants a kinky mitt. It doesn't take long to dry and then you're free to add your second, third or fifteenth layer!

The luxurious high quality material of the Bronzie fake tanning mitt does not lose its softness after washing, making it a dream to use over and over again.

It was designed for use with any fake tan - gel, oil, mousse, spray, cream - whichever you prefer. There is no need to change the way you clean the mitt. It’s really that simple.

Easy to use, easy to clean. And that ladies and gentleman is why it truly is the best back & body fake tanning mitt available.

We got you.

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