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Mental health: Coping with personal anxiety

Behind every successful woman, is a group chat hyping her up. Never a truer word spoken. What is a woman without her friends? We all have moments of self-doubt, low confidence and need that support network around us. As a social media user, I see more and more people documenting their struggles with mental health,…
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Summer to Autumn

Summers over. Winters coming. That’s all I’m hearing at the minute… has everyone forgotten about Autumn? Yes, it’s a little colder now, the barbecue and garden furniture are being packed away and its dark by 8pm. Yes, the sun is struggling to poke through the grey dismal clouds. And yes, everything everywhere is pumpkin spiced.…
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Faux freckles are here

Ever since this summer’s royal wedding, freckles have been the number one beauty craze – and 3 months on, it’s showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, Meghan Markle’s naturally gorgeous pigmentation has gone on to inspire a surge of freckle tattoos. But on the off-chance you aren’t blessed with natural freckles like our…
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Introducing the Ultimate Mini Mitts

We first created our revolutionary back and body tanning mitt as the answer to peoples self tanning prayers. But our work didn’t end there. Whilst our mitts were perfect for body tanning, our customers were still struggling with tanning those trickier areas like the hands and face. That’s why we created… THE ULTIMATE MINI MITTS…
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Meet Bronzie

Leanne is the founder of Bronzie and came up with the original after-tan jumpsuit idea. Leanne is one of three girls all of whom grew up loving their fake tan. Cue hair pulling, shouting and reporting to Mum and Dad who’s pinched whose mitt and who used the last of who’s expensive bottle of tan!…
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Holiday tanning… to fake or not to fake

Most people will have their summer holidays booked, ready and quite possibly coming up very soon! Working hard all year deserves a reward and for the great British public that seems to be a well-deserved holiday! Time off work, or studies, never seems the same spent at home. You don’t completely relax. You don’t go…
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Wedding and Race Season

Being invited to a wedding is an honour. The food, the drink, the friends, the celebrations. Then, you remember the stress that comes along with it. The gift, where to stay, the cost, who will you be sat with…. And what the fluff to wear!! The same feelings come along with a day at the…
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Bronzival… Bronzie’s guide to festival season

Download, Leeds, Wireless, TRNSMT… Just a few of the amazing festivals on offer this summer in our very own homeland! This weekend see’s the festival season truly kick off with Download and we want to help you prepare! To some, the idea of a festival is good music, good friends, fun, booze, sun and laughter…
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What is the best tanning mitt? And how on earth do I keep it clean?

Have you ever asked what is the best tanning mitt, and how on earth do I keep it clean? Well here’s the answer… Our award winning 3 in 1 back and body tanning mitt was designed to help you achieve the perfect self-tan in half the time, with less mess, no stained hands, be easy…
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May Bank Holiday

So let’s talk about bank holidays… Bank holidays probably mean something different to a lot of us but as Brits I think its safe to say we share several of the same feelings towards them. Bank holidays are an institution, a right of passage, a joy to behold, a cheeky weekend away, a panic fuelled…
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